Temporary closure for replacing exhibits

뮤지엄 카페

뮤지 암 카페 뮤지 암 카페

미술관 인테리어와 조화를 도모한 카페입니다. 계절 식자재를 사용하여 엄선한 요리와 디저트, 음료를 제공합니다. 미술관 감상 후의 여운을 음미할 수 있습니다.


  • Sea urchin flat pasta

  • Kujo green onion and mushroom risotto

  • Rolled pork fillet

  • Ankimo and brioche

    Rimpa and Impressionism collaboration
    Inspired by Ogata Korin《Hirobuta Tray with Flowing Water Design》
  • Squid ink tortellini

    Rimpa and Impressionism collaboration
    Inspired by Thunder God from Tawaraya Sotatsu《Wind God and Thunder God》


아티즌 미술관 1층
우편번호 104-0031 도쿄도 주오구 쿄바시 1-7-2

영업 시간

10:00 to 18:00(Orders must be placed by 17:30)
Breakfast:​ 10:00 to 11:30
Lunch:​ 11:30 to 14:00
Café:​ 14:00 to 18:00
*The cafe is open during the museum closure for replacing exhibits (6 September[Mon]- 1 October[Fri] 2021)

정기 휴일

6 September [Mon], 13 September [Mon], 19 September [Sun], 21 September [Tue], 27 September [Mon], 1 October [Fri]
*The cafe is open only on museum opening days during the next exhibition (2 October[Sat]-10 January[Mon]2021)
Sardine open sandwich
Salmon galette
Dashi risotto
Shrimp risotto
Cafe latte
Matcha lemon sparkling