From July 1st we have made a new start under the new name “Artizon Museum”.
Our aim is that the new museum will become more familiar to you all under this name,
and we are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with our patrons.

Preparing for a new museum.

Pre-Opening Program

In January 2020, after being closed for four years and 8 months, Artizon Museum will at last be reopened. For everyone who has been eagerly anticipating this moment, we have prepared some exciting new programs.
Our curators will give a series of special lectures introducing the museum’s new collections, and in a guided tour, you will have a unique opportunity to see our newly built exhibit rooms before the exhibits arrive. In addition, we are offering school group tours, and a homecoming day for the visitors of the former Bridgestone Museum of Art.
We hope you will join us for this exciting early peek at the new Artizon Museum.
Please read the description below for information on how to apply for these programs.

Registration (Japanese)

Special Features

Exhibition Posters 1952 - 2015

Posters as snapshots of changing times.

Audio Tour

The audio tour introduces a selection of sixteen important works from the collection, divided into four parts.
We hope you will enjoy the audio tour and accompanying images.

Curators’ Selection

This seven-part series spotlights rurally shown masterpieces recommended by our curators.

The Artist’s Words

Explore the Ishibashi Foundation Collection through the sensitive, richly perceptive words of painters and sculptors.