拡大《Vision of a Garden》

    Paul KLEE

    《Vision of a Garden》

    1925  Oil on cardboard mounted on wooden strainer

    This is a work from Paul Klee’s Bauhaus period, when Klee was continually moving back and forth between reality and abstract forms while exploring the potential of form with a primary focus on color. The entire canvas, with its evenly spaced horizontal lines, is studded with lines, dots, and other brush strokes. In this period, Klee would capture urban scenery from a panoramic perspective, often using horizontal lines to organize the canvas in an orderly manner. In this work, the symbolic depiction of three trees in the center of the canvas, the three forked lines that represent growing plants, and the red circle that appears to represent the sun all evoke the image of a garden. The suggestion of a church or other buildings at the edges of the canvas dissolves into a dark brown color that evokes darkness and a sense of illusion unrelated to day or night.

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    《Vision of a Garden》