“Exhibition Passport 2024” will be on sale from January 4, 2024. (sold out)


Exhibition Passport 2024” will be on sale from Thursday January 4, 2024.

Enjoy free, prioritized access to all the exhibitions from Thursday January 4, 2024, to February 9, 2025.


【How to purchase your Exhibition Passport 2024】

Release date:  January 4 [Thu], 2024. *Numbers are limited; first come, first served.

Valid period:  January 4 [Thu], 2024, to February 9 [Sun], 2025.

Price (tax incl.):  ¥5,000  Purchases are limited to two passports per individual.

Sold at the ticket counter on the first floor of the Artizon Museum.



【How to use your Exhibition Passport 2024】

Bookings are not required to visit the museum with the passport. Please show your exhibition passport at the 3rd floor entrance gate.

- Your passport must be signed. Passports without signatures are invalid.

- Only the individual who has signed the passport may use it to visit the museum.

- The passport cannot be transferred (resold or lent) to anyone else.

- Payments for passports are not refundable, and passports cannot be reissued.

The same conditions apply if exhibitions are changed or canceled or if a passport is lost or stolen.

- If you forget your passport, you must buy a ticket to enter the museum.

- Passports may only be used by individual visitors.

- Please check the website for details on exhibitions and museum closing dates:


Please click here to see an image of the Exhibition Passport 2024.

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