Temporary closure for replacing exhibits

Entering the Museum

Please keep to these rules, which help ensure that everyone can enjoy the works of art on display.

Entry to the museum

  • After entering the museum via the security gate on the third floor, reentry is not permitted. You can move freely among the sixth, fifth, and fourth floors.
  • No pets are allowed in the museum. However, assistance dogs are permitted for persons with physical disabilities (seeing-eye dogs, service dogs, and hearing-ear dogs).
  • No smoking is permitted anywhere in the museum.

In the exhibition rooms

  • If you are visiting the museum with small children, to ensure their safety and keep them from touching the exhibits, please keep a close eye on them and prevent any hazardous behavior such as running.
  • Please do not touch the artworks or display cases.
  • No copying of artworks is permitted.
  • No writing implements other than pencils may be brought into the exhibition rooms. If you wish to make notes, please use a pencil.
  • Please silence your phone while in the exhibition rooms and avoid disturbing other visitors. Also, please do not talk on the phone while in the exhibition rooms.
  • Please refrain from eating or drinking (including water, candy, and chewing gum) while in the exhibition rooms.
  • For all other matters, please comply with the instructions of museum staff.

Rules on photography


Photography is permitted, only for purposes of nonprofit and private use, except for works with signs indicating that photography is prohibited.
  • Please do not touch the artworks.
  • No flash photography is permitted.
  • No videos may be taken.
  • Please take care that your photography does not disturb others visiting the museum. If you continue an action that disturbs other visitors after the museum staff has asked you to stop, you may be asked to leave the exhibition rooms.
Rules on use of photos
  • Please do not edit photos to change the appearance of the photographed artworks.
  • If another visitor to the museum appears in a photo that you take of an artwork, please be aware that publishing the photo could infringe on that person’s portrait rights.
  • If you need photos for media use, please contact our Public Relations Department using the inquiry form.