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    Kuroda Seiki Retrospective Exhibition

    12 October [Tue] - 14 November [Sun], 1965

    About this exhibition

    This exhibition featured 98 of Kuroda's works (78 oil paintings, 3 watercolors and 17 charcoal drawings), as well as related artifacts (15 sketchbooks, letters, paint boxes, an easel and chair).

    Exhibition overview

    Exhibition title

    Kuroda Seiki Retrospective Exhibition

    Exhibition period

    12 October [Tue] - 14 November [Sun], 1965


    Bridgestone Museum of Art, Kuroda Seiki Seitan Hyakunen Kinenkai (Memorial Committee for the Centenary of the Birth of Kuroda Seiki), Nikkei Inc.


    Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Tokyo University of the Arts)


    Bridgestone Museum of Art
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