From Bridgestone Museum of Art to Artizon Museum

The Bridgestone Museum of Art, which has been closed since May 2015 for the construction of a new museum, is slated to open in January 2020 under the new name of “Artizon Museum”. The Artizon Museum will include significant changes in the areas of exhibitions, education, and other museum activities, in addition to having a new building and facilities. The museum’s name is being changed to express the determination to step out in new directions while continuing to uphold the traditions cultivated during a history of more than 65 years. The idea of changing the museum’s name was once considered during the era of its founder, Shojiro Ishibashi, but due to various circumstances, no change was made at that time. We hope that having been reborn as a new museum, we will be able to present the varied pleasures of art to all people, surpassing generational and geographical boundaries.

The new Artizon Museum is stepping forward into the future, founded on its past achievements and heritage.

“Experiencing Creativity”
Concept for a new era

Whenever a new work of art is created, it has always shown a little light on a path into the future. All of the museum’s activities, including collecting art works, are underpinned by the desire to propose, protect, and foster creativity that illuminates the way forward.
Our concept for the new museum is “experiencing creativity.” We will not only provide a place for art appreciation, but also encourage visitors to experience creativity in the works of art by seeing, feeling, and understanding. Our hope is for this inspiration to provide the impetus for tracing a new path. The Artizon Museum aspires to contribute to culture as a place that supports creativity.

A fresh start under a new
name,“Artizon Museum”

The new name, “ARTIZON”, was coined by combining “ART” with “HORIZON,” taking words from the English language in anticipation of the international nature of the museum’s future activities. On the horizon before us, more new forms of expression are being created, even as we look back on countless works of art from the past to the present. Beyond the horizon awaits the spirit of the future which will light the way forward. The word “HORIZON” reflects our determination to impart a sense of this limitless horizon of art to many people, surpassing generational and geographical boundaries.

Pursuing a cutting-edge museum

The museum’s activities are expanding. We are offering educational activities in addition to holding exhibitions, and the scope of our collection is expanding to include antiquities and contemporary art in addition to the previous scope of modern Japanese western-style paintings, Impressionism, and twentieth century art. To enhance the museum’s “hardware,” or facilities, in a way that complements this expansion in its “software,” or services and programs, the exhibition spaces will roughly double in size, occupying three floors. A ceiling height of 4.2m will accommodate large works of art. Everything about the museum will be renewed at a high level, including up-to-date information systems. Our goal is a museum that more and more people can enjoy.

Evolving the heritage for the future

The founder, Shojiro Ishibashi, established the Bridgestone Museum of Art in 1952 with the great desire to make a cultural contribution to society.
The museum became a leader among Japanese art establishments in promoting art and culture in central Tokyo. The Ishibashi Foundation was established in 1956 to carry on these aspirations, and it has guided the history of the Bridgestone Museum of Art’s activities ever since.
With all-new facilities, the Artizon Museum will continue to build on the past achievements and heritage of its predecessor, the Bridgestone Museum of Art, as it evolves to serve the public interest even better than before as a museum that will shape the future.

Presenting varied pleasures of art to all people