拡大《Mademoiselle Pogany II》

    Constantin BRANCUSI

    《Mademoiselle Pogany II》

    1925, cast 2006  Polished bronze

    Margit Pogany was a Hungarian artist who asked Brancusi to create a portrait sculpture of herself in 1910, while she was in Paris. He created several variations, in marble and then bronze, in 1912 and 1913. This work is positioned as part of the series, which he restarted in 1919. Compared with the earlier work, here he has boldly and carefully proceeded with simplifying forms, as in the abbreviated shoulders, the integration of the arms, and the exaggerated eyelids. Its highly refined form, combined with the effect of the polished bronze, also shows his awareness of Art Deco, a contemporaneous movement.

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    《Mademoiselle Pogany II》