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    拡大《Painted Wooden Inner Coffin Fragment》

    EGYPT (Ancient Thebes, Luxor)

    《Painted Wooden Inner Coffin Fragment》

    c. 1070-945 B.C.  Wood

    The highest grade of 21st dynasty consists of three pieces; an outer and an inner coffins and a mummy board. This fragment was part of the lid of the inner coffin of a high-ranking woman, unfortunately the lower part is now lost. Here, the paint is thickly applied in order to give an effect of raised relief. After red, green, blue, white, yellow, and other colors were applied, the entire surface was coated with a yellowish resin. A red heart and sun disk are depicted at the center; a decorative collar covers the entire torso. The goddess Nut, the wings of funerary goddesses, and other deities such as Isis, Horus, and Osiris on a throne are also depicted. 

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    《Painted Wooden Inner Coffin Fragment》