拡大《The Toutain Farm at Honfleur》

    Camille COROT

    《The Toutain Farm at Honfleur》

    c. 1845  Oil on canvas

    The French landscape artist Corot visited Honfleur, a seaport in Normandy, repeatedly from the 1820s on. The Saint-Siméon Farm, on a hill with a view of the Seine and the sea, was also an inn later known as Auntie Toutain’s Farm. Its guests included the artists Corot, Daubigny, Boudin, and Monet. Here we see the thatched-roofed farmhouse behind trees with complexly intertwined branches. In front of the brightly sunlight house, women are spinning and doing needlework. In this painting, with its restrained palette, Corot makes skillful use of contrasts between light and dark.

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    《The Toutain Farm at Honfleur》