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    拡大《Portrait of Reiko》

    KISHIDA Ryusei

    《Portrait of Reiko》

    1922   Tempera on canvas

    Kishida Ryusei began his series with his daughter as his model in 1918 with Reiko, Five Years Old (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo). Since this work has 1922 inscribed on the upper left, it dates from when Reiko was seven. Since she caught a cold just as she was modeling, she has a white cloth around her neck. Ryusei painted this work using tempera; he found the effect, which is quite different from water colors or oils, satisfying. He noted in his journal, “The result is quite interesting.” This painting was formerly in the collection of the Shirakaba school poet Kinoshita Rigen.

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    《Portrait of Reiko》