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    拡大《Portrait of a Lady》

    OKADA Saburosuke

    《Portrait of a Lady》

    1907   Oil on canvas

    Okada Saburosuke won first prize at the 1907 Tokyo Industrial Exhibition for this painting, which initially was entitled Study in Purple, a reference to the purple cords that lace the drum. The woman wearing a Genroku-style kimono and her hair in a chignon seem about to strike the drum. In the background is a Rimpa-style folding screen with a design of fringed pinks and flowing water. This painting was commissioned by Takahashi Yoshio, who was involved in the management of Mitsukoshi Drapery Store and had touched off the Genroku motif boom. The subject is his wife, Chiyoko. This familiar painting was used in a poster for the Mitsukoshi’s Spring New Pattern Show and later as a postage stamp.

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    《Portrait of a Lady》