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    拡大《Head of a Philosopher》


    《Head of a Philosopher》

    4th century B.C.   Marble

    This portrait sculpture from the fourth century B.C. is known as the “Head of a Philosopher.” Since the carving at the back is rough and the head lacks a right ear, it was probably part of a funerary sculpture composed of several figures placed in a box-like space. During the Hellenistic period, a naturalisti style that presented the human figure simply and honestly flourished. In this example, the slight tilt of the head, the intently staring eyes, the eyebrows drawn together in concern reveal the inner life and subtle feelings of a human being. It is characteristic of the arts of this period that they went beyond the earlier pursuit of an idealized form to achieve a dynamic expression of the full range of human feelings and the vigorous movements of the human body.

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    《Head of a Philosopher》