拡大《Twilight, Venice》

    Claude MONET

    《Twilight, Venice》

    c. 1908  Oil on canvas

    At the end of September, 1908, when he was 67, Monet and his wife Alice visited Venice, Italy, for the first time, to relax and recuperate. Enthralled by the city, he decided to stay longer, creating about thirty paintings in two months. Here the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore is on the left. The backlit church is shown as a silhouette. The blazing sunset makes the buildings, sky, and water glow in the orange light, growing redder the closer to the horizon. His brushstrokes seem to surge and swell in the sky, but he used a horizontal touch for the surface of the water. Here we see Monet’s skillful brushwork in action.

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    《Twilight, Venice》