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    China, Longquan Ware

    拡大《Vase, celadon, decorated with iron brown spots》

    CHINA, Longquan ware

    《Vase, celadon, decorated with iron brown spots》

    Yüan dynasty, 14th century  Porcelain

    The rounded shoulders expand gently; the neck shoots up, opening into a wide mouth. This elegant form of fine-grained clay, covered in a veil of glaze, is gorgeous. The brown spots accent the lovely glaze, and, while their placement seems artless, generate a subtle balance. Celadon glazes with iron brown spots were developed at Longquan in fourteenth-century China, during the Yüan period. Known in Japan as tobi seiji, “scattered celadon,” they were particularly prized among men of tea. A similar piece, a National Treasure, is in the collection of the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka.

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    《Vase, celadon, decorated with iron brown spots》