拡大《Terrace at Cagnes》

    Pierre-Auguste RENOIR

    《Terrace at Cagnes》

    1905  Oil on canvas

    Suffering from severe rheumatism late in life, Renoir often visited Cagnes, a town in southern France. He rented an apartment in the Maison de La Poste (post office building) and lived there from 1903 to 1907. We see that building on the right side of this painting. Renoir could view the streets of Cagnes and its orchards from a window in his apartment. This painting presents, in limpid brushwork, the houses and orchards arranged stepwise on the hill. The woman seated on the wall is wearing a white hat and a red jacket. Beside her is a child in a straw hat.

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    《Terrace at Cagnes》