Completion of Construction of “Museum Tower Kyobashi” that will Accommodate the Artizon Museum


On July 1 the Ishibashi Foundation (President: Ishibashi Hiroshi) changed the name of the Bridgestone Museum of Art to the Artizon Museum.

Also, the Bridgestone Building which housed the former Bridgestone Museum of Art has been under construction since June 2016, but now it has been completed as “Museum Tower Kyobashi,” and the Construction Completion Ceremony was held today. Artizon Museum will occupy the lower stories (1F to 6F) of Museum Tower Kyobashi, and will reopen in January 2020 with the front entrance changed from the former Yaesu-dori Street side to the Chuo-dori Street (Ginza-dori Street) side.

The museum will include significant changes in the areas of exhibitions, education, and other museum activities, in addition to having a new building and facilities. The museum’s name is being changed to express the determination to step out in new directions while continuing to uphold the traditions cultivated during a history of more than 65 years.

The new name, “ARTIZON” was coined by combining “ART” with “HORIZON.” The aim is for the new museum to be a venue where the world of art can be viewed from the past to the present, and the stirrings of creativity that anticipate the dreams and future of art can be felt.

In addition the museum’s website has been renewed. ( Henceforth various information will be posted on this website leading up to the opening of the museum.

Our concept for the new museum is “experiencing creativity.” The scope of our collection is expanding to include antiquities, modern Japanese western-style paintings, Impressionism, twentieth century art, and modern art. We will provide a place not only for art appreciation, but also for experiencing and supporting creativity.

Now that the building has finally been completed, we are devoting our efforts to providing the ideal environment for visitors to the museum to appreciate the works, before opening in January 2020.

Overall view of Museum Tower Kyobashi,

Artizon Museum

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