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    拡大《1985 B》

    TANAKA Atsuko

    《1985 B》

    1985   Acrylic lacquer on canvas

    Tanaka Atsuko, known for her Electric Dress (not extant), made of blinking colored lightbulbs, was a postwar leader in avant-garde art in Japan. She took part in the Zero-kai, which Kanayama Akira, Shiraga Kazuo, Murakami Saburo and others formed, and joined the Gutai Art Association in 1955. Attracting attention for performance works, including Electric Dress, she also produced two-dimensional works, which were highly regarded by the French art critic Michel Tapié. This painting complexly combines large and small circles in vivid colors and lines that suggest electric cords; she created many variations on it throughout her life.

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    《1985 B》