拡大《Large Tree in a Village of the Midi》

    Chaïm SOUTINE

    《Large Tree in a Village of the Midi》

    1924  Oil on paper

    Soutine was born into a Jewish family in a remote village and grew up in adversity amidst social discrimination and poverty. In Paris, to which he moved to escape that plight, he initially suffered extreme poverty and isolation, but his abilities were gradually discovered by galleries and collectors. The violently rough colors and lines that dog his paintings reveal human suffering and insecurity. In 1923, he moved to Cagnes, in the south of France, where his compositions became more stable and his palette brighter. This painting is from his Cagnes period. The tree, road, and house are violently twisted, but the color scheme gives a sense of the bright sunlight of southern France.
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    《Large Tree in a Village of the Midi》