拡大《Trombone Player (Player on the Street)》

    SEVERINI, Gino

    《Trombone Player (Player on the Street)》

    c. 1916   Oil on canvas

    The Italian artist Severini, a core member of the Futurists, moved to Paris in November, 1906, settling in Montmartre and concentrating on his painting. The subject here is a street musician; while the title identifies the instrument as a trombone, it looks more like an euphonium . His use of Cubist forms similar to those of Picasso and Braque is striking; some areas in a pointillist manner are also visible. Severini was the first of the Futurists to adopt Cubist techniques; he served as an essential bridge bringing contemporary trends in France to Italy.
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    《Trombone Player (Player on the Street)》